Successful women and their flaws

in the featured image, you see Mary Jane Paul, who is the main character in the show Being Mary Jane.

In the show, Mary Jane is a very successful female news anchor, she owns her own show. She lives an expensive lifestyle, she has one of the top shows on air, she is beautiful, and she is black. This is a life I hope to live one day.

The one issue with Mary Jane, is that she is not happy. With everything going on around her, she has no time to focus on herself or making herself happy.

Many successful women have to work 10xs harder to be recognized and respected in society. This is the case with Mary Jane.

She works so hard to keep everybody happy at work and in her personal life, that she has a hard time making herself happy.

being a woman, we often want to see everybody else happy. We put our happiness on the back burner and fulfill the roles many people want us to fill.

Although Mary jane may have 1 million things going on, she never slacked on the job. Which shows her strength. She has so much that should tear her down, but instead it builds us up.



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