Inexpensive Dupes

Let’s just face it, stylish and good quality clothes can be expensive. But freight no more, I’ve discovered some inexpensive dupes for those expensive brands not all of us can readily afford. Here are my top three favorite dupes.

  1. Valentino Rockstud Slingback Pump

valentino-rockstud-pumps-4-inches-two-straps           104457-e-black-1

This pump is FABULOUS. It’s classic, with a modern wist. Studs have been on the forefront of trends lately, and the cut outs are exquisite. The downfall is this baby retails for $995 at Saks Fifth Avenue, but it’s now on sale for $696.50-$995…wow such a huge sale. The dupe, on the right, isn’t  too bad for a knockoff. With a slightly less pointed toe, this Valentino look alike makes for a great pump to rock with just about anything, without breaking your bank. Find it at in both dark red and black ON SALE for just $25.27!

2. Oasis Faux Fur Real Leather Biker Jacket

image1xxl BLACK_FAUX_FUR_FAUX_LEATHER_MOTO_JACKET_1__59716.1445467230.1280.1280


Fur is in. Leather is in. So what could possibly be better than a fur collared leather jacket? A beautiful faux fur collared jacket is a must have. While I prefer tan colored faux fur, the black fur is just as fashion forward and stylish. But, yes there is a but, this jacket retails for $287 on On the right, is a dupe from Akira. It has the same qualities, despite the fact that it isn’t genuine leather. Not only is it just as good, but possibly better than the Oasis because the fur collar can be removed so the leather jacket can be worn alone. This one retails for only $99.90.

3.MCM Robbit Fox Fur Ball Key Charm

8813212_fpx.tif img-thing

This fur keychain has been seen everywhere. Attach it to your key ring, or wear it on your purse as a cute accessory. It doesn’t have much of a purpose, but it’s adorable so who cares. The MCM keychain retails for $540 at Bloomingdales, I guess the little rabbit is what makes it so expensive. On the left is a Michael Kors dupe that is only $48 and comes in a variety of colors.







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