Gaglianone lifts Wisconsin over Nebraska

Photo by Flickr user Bely Medved. Used with creative commons permission.

On the road again. Wisconsin had that nice stretch of games at home, but now it’s time to dominate on the road. Hopefully dominate, I should say.  Wisconsin now a dismal 3-2 (This is awful in my eyes. I have high expectations of this team. I expect 12-0 every season. Don’t laugh at me.) head to the great state of Nebraska to face the Cornhuskers.  Cornhuskers were 2-3 going into the match. Wisconsin was only favored by 2.5, which isn’t much that. This game almost gave me heart attack by the end of it, but gosh darn was it worth it.

The Badgers didn’t have a turnover this week, which is a little surprising after the four-turnover game from the previous week. Stave completed 24 of 50 attempts for 322 yards and one passing touchdown.  RB Dare Ogunbowale had 117 yards on 18 rushes. RB Alec Ingold had 8 rushes for 14 yards and one touchdown.  TE Troy Fumagalli had caught the 7-yard touchdown pass from Stave in the second quarter to put Wisconsin in front 7-0.  Nebraska answered back with two touchdowns in the second quarter to put them up 14-7 by the halftime. Third quarter was quiet and only saw a score from Wisconsin kicker Rafael Gaglianone to put the Badgers behind only by four, 14-10.  This beautiful man would be back later to give me heart attack, but we’ll get there when we get there.

Fourth quarter.  It felt like a blur. It could have been from the angry flashes I kept having or cheap beer I was drinking. We’ll stick with the anger that made this quarter seem surreal.  Wisconsin scores first in the quarter from the running touchdown by Ingold to give them a 17-14 lead.  Wisconsin answers back four minutes later to give them a 20-14 lead.  Things start to get heated when Nebraska fullback breaks out for a 55-yard run to score a go-ahead touchdown to give them a 21-20 with 3:30 left in the game.  In my mind, I’m thinking that is plenty of time to score. Plenty of time. Plenty. There’s a lot, OK.

The Badgers drove to the Nebraska 21 to set up Gaglianone for the go-ahead field goal. We got this. Kick is up and it’s looking good. But that feeling goes away as it hits the right upright, and I sit in defeat as I think the Badgers are done for and will drop to 3-3 on the season.  Husker ball, and I’m thinking it’s over, but they fail to produce anything giving the ball back to the Badgers with a minute left.  Badgers drive and set Gaglianone up for a 46-yard field goal. I’m on the brink of death as I watch this game with six seconds left.  He kicks it. I watch that ball fly. I’m praying to the Based God to let this kick be good, and my prayers were answered.  Kick is good to give Wisconsin a 23-21 lead and the game. Badgers improve to 4-2 on the season, and Gaglianone pulled off third greatest sports’ miracle behind Wisconsin’s win over Kentucky in basketball earlier this year and the 1980 Miracle on Ice Hockey Team (we’ll agree to disagree over this).

This beautiful game-winning field goal can be watched here


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