News story:Volleyball

For my news feature I chose to do it on the Eastern volleyball team’s OVC preview. The team is headed to the conference tournament with its first game on Thursday against Tennessee Tech. I chose to do it on the volleyball team because I had easy access to making a video and getting interviews. It is also something I care about, so it was easy to make the video. I chose to interview one of the captains on the team, Stephanie Wallace and the coach Sam Wolinski. I have interviewed both of them man times so both sides were comfortable during the interviews so I was able to get good material out of each of them. I ran footage from the team’s game against Tennessee State, a game in which they lost, but it played no effect on the seeding for Eastern in the tournament. While Eastern made a lot of good plays, they were unable to come away with the victory. The team finished the season with an 11-5 conference record which was good enough for 3rd place. The tournament is set up with the top 8 teams playing for a shot at the title. Each team must win two matches to play in the championship on Saturday. Eastern had a solid season overall and has put themselves in a good position to have success going into the tournament.


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