Music Video Overview

Back in October, I had created my first music video from a small kodak camera. When I was first given the assignment, I was very excited in creating something unique and that told a story. Little did I know, I would run into a few problems along the way.

Now don’t get me wrong, there were some positive things that happened and that I learned. Everything didn’t go straight down hill. The first thing I had to think about was what exactly the video would be about. Next to figuring out what my song would be. I know my blog is about traveling, and getting out to see the world and all, but I kind of wanted to step out of that and go a different direction. So I chose a to do a video about a scandalous relationship. Fun right?! lol and I chose the song “Cough Cough” by Everything Everything (even though I am pretty sure the lyrics didn’t fit with the song, it just looked good).

Okay, song *Check*, story idea *Check*. Wait, where am I going to let this take place, and who will be my characters? Well, luckily I went home the weekend of recording this video and my boyfriend’s friends were up for it. So we started filling at his dorm. The whole process took 2 days, and a lot of patients. Trust and believe, there were a lot of bloopers as well. But it was fun to be silly, then serious when filming.

Everything went perfectly fine when it came to editing, until the last few scenes. THEY WERE BASICALLY PITCH BLACK! When I showed it to my teacher, he immediately said “Meka, you need brighter shots.” Im like great. Im back at school, and there is no way for me to get back to my boyfriends dorm in the next two days. I have no time to lose either.

So what I ended up doing was putting myself in the video and creating a plot twist. That being that the main character wanted to stay with his girlfriend, and broke up with me. When I tell you I was stressing out about how this would turn out, I stayed up till 12 am trying to perfect it. After I completed it, I never felt so complete in my life ever. When to sleep happy and stress free that night too!

Overall, the whole process of doing this video was difficult. It had its ups and down, and was also fun too. Shoutout to my boyfriend who also saved my butt. The finished product earned me an “A”. And I was soo proud. In the future, I don’t think I want to make anymore videos. Lol I don’t think thats my thing. But I got that good grade, so thats all that matters.


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