Sean Paris post

If I was covering the Paris bombing attacks I would make sure I’m monitor a lot of social media services. The number one outlet I would monitor would be CNN just because I feel like they will get the latest update out the quickest. I would also strongly monitor Newsweek would probably come in second because I feel like it has more of a world outlook, then I would monitor NBC, Fox, USNBC. I would follow each of those because one might get something that the other people did not get. For twitter I would kind of take the same route. I would closely follow CNN and USA Today because once again they will get it out the fastest. Another good account that I would follow is the “Paris” account. That will also give me a very quick update on everything that was going on. The account BBC Breaking World News would also be a pretty solid follow because once again they have a world outlook on everything and it is going to give up to date information.   I would also like to try and find people’s twitter accounts who live in Paris because they will have the inside look as to what is going on and it could get really personal because it really did hit close to home for them. Since I would have a lot of information coming in from all different places, sorting all of the information will be key. The way I would it is I would have all of the information from each site stored together in one area on my monitor. So I would have all of the CNN in one area, the USA Today would all be together in a separate area and the personal accounts of the people of Paris that I am following would be in its own area as well. I would do that because then I won’t have to keep searching through a ton of tabs that I am going to have open on the monitors and be forced to find where i have the information that CNN is putting out. If I have it all separated, I will be much more organized and efficient. Making little folders might help with this as well. That will definitely keep things stored in a good spot. I would publicize all of the information I gathered by tweeting it out, Facebook posts, instagram posts, tumblr, any social media outlet I can. Being a social media guy I am going to be using more than one twitter and Facebook profiles so then I will use those other accounts to retweet, repost so that I am reaching as many people I can in a short amount of time. For twitter, using tweet deck will come in handy big time.The tough thing about all of this is making sure that the information that I have gathered is all true and can be verified. Verifying can be tough because I am going to want to have the information out as fast as  I can but I would much rather have the information that I have be correct rather than tweet something out that is incorrect and get people thinking something is going on when it really isnt happening. But I would verify it by trying to contact the source or seeing if another account has the same information. Like I said, it can be tough but it has to be done because your ass is on the line if you mess up something during a time like this. Making sure that the information is up to date and grammatically correct, things that people might get mad about if it is wrong. I would just use common sense, if something happened a while ago I wouldn’t call it breaking I would say, the time it happened and what happened. Getting names right will be key too because one wrong letter could be a different person or place. Autocorrect can really get you nowadays. Overall being accurate and having verified information is the biggest and most important thing that I can do in this time, yes speed is key too, but if you’re wrong, you’re screwed.


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