Paris Bombings

Immediately following the first bombing in paris it became national attention. With the world watching 3 more attacks were underway in different areas of Paris. For information that is national or world headlines i usually go to CNN because they are extremely credible and are one of the biggest international news networks in the world. I also rely somewhat on U.S News, but CNN was much more up to date with what was going on. The first thing i would do is check CNN and immediately send a tweet out something along the lines of: “Attacks underway in Paris… no motive or suspects identified”. Even though this tweet is bland it is meant more to grab your attention right away and as the attacks are unfolding i would continuously tweet about what was going on. as far as collecting information i would have many different tabs open, such as CNN, U.S. News, and twitter accounts such as the French Police and almost any number of reliable news organizations. Not only would i be continuously reading and reporting information, i can also listen to a radio station covering the attacks, preferably NPR. To ensure my information is accurate i think CNN is a great and reliable source to what was happening in Paris. although some of the information i gather may not be backed up by CNN, but the most important thing to make sure when covering any event or breaking story is to be accurate. For instance if someone tweeted that the Eiffel tower was turned off for the first time since the 1800’s, i would look up that information even if the source was credible. being a reporter you have to act like no one is trust worthy and you must gather the facts. in this specific case, we are limited to information since we are in another country, which is why we must rely heavily on our sources. Also, i would retweet any videos such as the soccer game where you a bomb detonates in the background. Or the video of the rock concert where a semi-automatic is heard and people are frantically screaming and running. Videos in these situations are what will ultimately give you more attention because since we are so limited on what is going on, people so far can actually get a sense of what is happening. In an event like this, i think tweeting almost any new and reliable information is necessary.



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