Paris Bombing Blog

If I were documenting the Paris terrorists attacks for a major news corporation, my first instinct would be to look online and try to verify the information from a news source online, whether it be VICE News, CNN, or BBC World News. I would even turn on my TV to see what local news is saying about the situation. I wouldn’t limit myself to just a few social media accounts, before searching Twitter for hashtags involving the attacks in search of more information. I would like to spread the information around all social media avenues, basically anywhere that content can be shared. After verifying the information I would post to the website’s official social media pages for all most popular sites like Twitter and Facebook as well as posting on any personal blogs.  Understanding that the news is constantly developing and it’s an international story, I would constantly be looking for updates from news networks across the world, but primarily focused on networks at home like ABC or NBC or CNN. VICE News publishes many video stories and documentaries from around the globe, because they have a heavy presence abroad I would be looking very closely at their developments. Verification comes from the validity of the news source, major news networks are for the most part really reliable.  Getting information from anywhere credible is not limited to what is being reported by the networks. In that case, I am looking for witnesses. Is anybody tweeting live from Paris, right now about what happened? I would really be looking for video, because visual is the best way to verify to see with one’s own eyes, does something to the viewer it puts them in that situation. The visual aspect of something like this while it may be gruesome is what is going to  remembered when you write the article first hand or show the footage.  However, if video is not available for whatever reason any of the news corporations mentioned before would work due to lack of proximity.  To keep the information fresh I recommend to keep update social media pages every hour or so. This is breaking news, the story is always developing because there are always gonna be more questions to arise.

I would be checking these sites hourly.


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