Paris Bombing

By: Jeff Coy

Picture By: Giorgio Brida on Flickr 

The scenario is what would I do if I was a social media reporter for a large daily midwestern U.S. newspaper and my editor assigned me to keep readers of the site informed about Pairs immediately after the terrorist attacks this last Friday:

I would mostly monitor Twitter over other social media services. I personally find it easier to find a flow of stories shared on Twitter. I could also monitor Facebook in case of any updates not found on Twitter. I would follow social media accounts of all non-local (Illinois) major news sources. This would include stations such as CNN, Fox, NBC, ABC, NPR, and PBS. I would have a Twitter and Facebook account that only follows these accounts and report on their stories posted on my feed/wall. I would collect information from every story posted on the social media accounts and create new blog posts every hour. This would allow me to compare new pieces of information and facts about the attacks from different news sources. Doing this hourly would also insure the information is up-to-date. With so much going on at once, it would be important for viewers to read a filtered update and a follow-up comparison of facts after the filtered update. I would write this updates and post them onto the newspaper’s website and social media accounts. I would verify information presented by giving credit to the various news sources. It would also be important to direct audiences to any current photos or videos of story. This would allow the viewers to sort through all of the stories freely but still have a filtered story on the original website post. The newspaper’s site would have links to all the stories to round-up the information presented. Myself and other staff members of the newspaper would edit all of the work, looking out for grammar errors before making it public.



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