Paris Bombing

If I were assigned to keep the audience of a major network updated on the paris bombings there would be a lot that I would have to do in order to keep them informed on factual information. I would keep up with major networks like CNN, Fox News, and HLN. I would follow these networks because they frequently update their data and they are highly credited and reliable networks. I would follow those same accounts on social media, but I would also follow the reporters from those networks. I would follow them to get the updated at the exact time something happened. I would also follow people that were actually there at the time that it happened. I would do this because they would have a first hand account of what happened and how it happened.From social media I would collect everything that was important. I would collect what happened, the exact time it happened, the location, peoples reactions via their updates and their tweets. I Would collect photos and video recordings that people recorded as well. I would put this with the information that I am collecting for my updates. My process for making sure everything is accurate will be to simply fact check. I would check the creditability of every source before I use it. I would make sure that there is no negative history with the site. I would also make sure the random people that I followed were actually there during the bombings. I would do this by getting in contact with them and possibly getting some good quotes from them and using those as well. To round up my information, social media would be the main tool that I would use. I would use this because it would be the fastest way for people to receive my news because this generation is technology savvy. We use our phones for almost anything now. I believe my updates would be seen faster on media cites than on the tv, newspaper, or the radio. I would even publicize my material on social media. Websites like Facebook and twitter are places that I would keep audiences updated on. I would possibly get a hash tag trend started and I would make the updates and end it with the hashtag so people can find it more easily. I would verify my information by assuring my audience that It came from credible sources.


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