Paris Attacks

The social media services I would monitor would be Facebook and Twitter for keeping up with the attacks in Paris.  I would be following Twitter more closely than Facebook because twitter allows for better live coverage of something occurring.  It allows users to post short bursts of news instead of a long post.  The only difficult thing about Twitter is the many different accounts that exist and everyone using the same hashtag leading to a massive amount of coverage.  There will be opinion mixed in with news, so certain accounts would have to be followed in order to keep with what is currently happening.  One account I would follow is BBC Breaking News.  They are able to give live updates and provide reliable information.  I would also follow NPR because like BBC Breaking News, they are able to give live updates as well, which could help in verifying information.  If something appears on both accounts that is the same then I would be able to trust that the news is correct. Those would be the two main accounts I would follow.  The other sources would appear under the hastag of Paris Attacks.  This would be plenty of information.  It would be a lot to go through. but it will allow me check on information that may not be present in the major news sources.  On Facebook, I would just check the trending news every so often to see if there was something that was not on Twitter but on Facebook.  I would collect information by taking the most important news updates and retweet them after they are verified.  If I am writing a story, I would put piece by piece as it comes along. I would write and publish the first set of information available and say at the bottom that the news story will be updated as more information becomes available.  I would take the verified information and publish it immediately to give live updates.  I would round up the information by just finding the important information, verifying it and sending it out immediately.  To publicize the information I am gathering, I would also live tweet as information becomes available to me and share a link to the story on both Twitter and Facebook.  I would people to share the story and to follow the story.  To verify the information I am viewing, I will check on both news sites if the information has appeared on both accounts.  BBC and NPR are reputable news sources and if information would to appear on both, I can guarantee it is true.  Using the hashtag will be more difficult because there will be a lot of news mixed with opinion.  If something seems important, I will save it and open it another tab, and check through twitter and news sites to verify it.  My process for ensuring the information is accurate, grammatically correct and up-to-date is by constantly checking social media and news site, but if another reporter is with me, I will have them look over everything before sending it out.


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