Paris Attacks and Social Media News gathering.

Scenario: You are the social media reporter for a large daily midwestern U.S. newspaper/TV station (adjust to fit your career goals). Your editor has assigned you to keep readers of the web site informed about what’s happening in Paris immediately after the terrorist attacks on Saturday. Explain in detail how you would go about doing so. Answer these questions in your blog post:

  • What social media services would you monitor? Rank them in order of importance to your newsgathering?
  1. Twitter, 2. Facebook, 3. Tumblr
  • What social media accounts would you follow most closely?

@Andrewhistorian – Andrew smith, international business historian, lives right next to the Bataclan

@RichardEngel – Richard Engel, Chief NBC foreign correspondent, closely follows developments with ISIS and retweets often.

@juliaioffe – Julia Loffe, Contributing writer at New York Times Magazine, columnist at Foreign Policy, retweets often and helps circulate breaking info.

  • How would you collect information from social media? Where would you put it all?

I would follow #ParisAttacks and I would set up tweet deck’s for “people on the scene,” “experts” and “news organizations.” Also, Facebook organizes information related to a search term, so I would keep an eye on it. I would make Facebook groups and follow interest lists. I would watch Tumblr and twitter for photos. I would Storyful’s Heatmap.

  • What tools would you use to make a round-up of information?

I would compile the best and most important info into a news feed and I would retweet.

  • How would you publicize the information you are gathering?

My feed would be public and available on our news site. I would promote it with tweets and Facebook posts. I would use hash tags.

  • How would you verify the information you are viewing?

I would double check facts and figures, and tweet @ specific users to get confirmation.

I think someone would have to be given the task of fact checking, or people would rotate this responsibility.

  • What would be your process for ensuring the information is accurate, grammatically correct, and up-to-date?

I would have everyone involved in social media operations give any content that is generated a read-through. Someone would have to have the responsibility of editing if enough content was generated.


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