Paris Attacks

To begin the process, I would constantly stalk Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram with most of my focus on Twitter because the information is more readily available than any other social media site. Twitter is also very good at updating the world’s latest news; the Moments tab is an excellent resource. Facebook would be my second source, and Instagram my last. I would pay close attention to CNN Breaking News, NBC World News and The New York Times Twitter accounts. Usually during both national and international crisis they are constantly tweeting updates and information that is subject to change over a short period of time. It’s pivotal in Journalism to verify information so I wouldn’t just stick to the Twitter accounts, but I would check the websites of the news organizations to see if they’ve posted anything regarding the info they tweeted. I would also check to see if other news organizations are also reporting the same information because if so then the probability of it being true increases. The news organizations I mentioned previously are reliable and reputable. I would avoid using people’s personal Twitter accounts as resources because the likelihood of  them tweeting false information is much higher. As I gather and collect information, I would screenshot images and retweet and/or favorite important tweets so I can go back to them once I’m ready to transfer the info into my own story. I would use the Notes app on either my iPhone or Mac to keep  my thoughts in order using bullet points. If the Notes feature isn’t available, Microsoft Word will do he trick; or just stick to the old school pen and paper, but I rather not. After assembling all of the info into my own news story I would continue to search for the latest information via social media until I see a halt in new information, and I would of course proofread my story before publishing it to ensure everyone is accurate and up-to-date. I would post it online to either my blog or my news administration’s website, tweet a link to the story, attach a link to the story on my Facebook page and post a picture of the story on my Instagram account.


Photo courtesy of Flickr user Tobias Theiler. Used with permission from Creative Commons