Bombings in Paris

If I worked for a large midwestern U.S. newspaper or TV Station and was told to cover the bombings in Paris I would do several things to keep up with all of the latest news. When covering something as big as this there are a few simple things I would keep in mind. First, I would make sure I cover all of the main points, such as the facts. Secondly, I would make sure that I never miss anything. Something that goes hand in hand with that is making sure that everything I say is a true statement, to keep my credibility up.

Social media is obviously one of the fastest and easiest ways to keep up with current events.Twitter is pretty much the only way that I would keep up with everything. CNN, New York Times, etc.

I would screenshot tweets that I see and save them in my camera roll. I would make sure that several different different accounts touched base on the same facts before stating anything to avoid defamation.

I would write a very quick story and go over it to avoid mistakes. Then I would post that story on the company that I work for website, then put the link on every form of social media to reach a maximum amount of readers.

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