My Music Video

For my music video project, I chose to make video about the goings on inside of downtown-Charleston bars for the song “Golden” by My Morning Jacket. I thought the song fit my concept well because of it’s themes of travel and dark-lonesome drinking establishments. “Golden” is a relatively long song, so I had to collect a lot of video. I started the video with a stoplight turning from red to green. I though the stoplight was good a symbol for letting go of inhibition. Next, I used video from driving through town to a popular bar in Charleston, and followed it up with some shots of the bar from the outside. Next, I focused on getting good video of patrons and bartenders. I tried to capture video of people doing all of the usual things that go on at bars of this type… doing bar work, drinking, reacting to televised sporting events, playing bar games, playing the jukebox and gambling.I was sure to visit other bars to add interest… in all, I visited a total of four. Near the middle of the video, I used a cut from a full moon appearing from behind clouds, to a cue ball being struck in a game of pool. I think the cut was very effective at separating the first section of video, which is arranged more as a narrative, from the second section, which alternates between shots of driving, scenes from the other bars and photos taken at a bar through the years. Finally, I finished the video with shots of a bartender cleaning the bar and turning of the neon window lights.


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