The Smiths Music Video

The song I chose to make a music video is The Smiths’ “Please, Please, Please, Let Me Get What I Want.”  It is a short song, so it would be challenging coming up with a story idea that is short enough to make sense with the song.  I eventually came up with the idea of having shop around Wal-Mart and wanting to buy random things, and someone saying to at the very end.  I went with a friend one night to the store to shoot the video, but i realized just filming my friend would be boring.  I tried to make it more interesting by having many different shots and having them last on average about five seconds.  I would do more close ups of items and try to give different views of the shopper to make.  I think the different angles I used make it more appealing to a viewer because it is something different every time and it does not look like the video was shot in just on take.  The difficult part about shooting was that the song is about two minutes, but I filmed almost six minutes of footage.  I knew this would make editing difficult because I would have to go through so much footage and decide what I want to actually use for the video.  Drawing the story board helped a great deal because I was able to go through footage outside of class and decide what I wanted to use and how long I would make the clips.   This shortened the amount of time it took to actually make the video ini Movie because by the time I came in to make the video, I had everything in place and knew the amount of length of each clip.  Making the actual video involved me placing the clips I wanted and shortening them to the desired length, removing the audio from each clip, and placing the song.  This process took about 40 minutes to complete, but it came with about an hour of filming and two hours of planning and going through footage.  The last thing I added were the transitions, and I chose to do a mix of dissolve into the next clip and a direct lead into clips.  I think I was able to make story with a beginning and end given the short running time of the song.

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