Sean: So Much To Say music video

For my music video I chose to do So Much To Say by the Dave Matthews Band. It is one of my favorite songs by him and it is one of the most fun songs that he has. It gave me so many different things that I could throw into the music video and it gave me a chance go be kind of funny with it as well. I chose the feet moving in and out because Dave Matthews does that a lot when he is on stage. It was a nervous twitch and when I put it with the music it actually fit and went with it. Whether that was good editing by me or just that my friend moved his feet perfectly by accident. I chose to put my dog in there because she is just cute, and it made my video funny. And the baby!! she is just the cutest thing in the world and it went really well with “LITTLE BABY.” I also put me playing the guitar in it, i was playing the song and I was able to match it up with what Dave was playing in the song and it worked out pretty well. The coolest part for me was “Cant see the light” when I zoomed in on people’s faces and went to their eye and “into their mind” and faded it to black. I thought that was really cool and it was able to flow into the next part of the video pretty nicely. Same as the moving feet, the foot tapping worked out pretty well too, even though it was in random spots everytime, i feel like it worked out pretty well. I also loved how i was able to get in all my friends and family into the video for when he was saying “So much to say, So much to say….” I did that because everyone  has something to say and it worrked out pretty well and it was kind of cool in my mind. I put the cars in there because of the dadadadad daaa, it just seemed like a nice flow and it went pretty quick and the speed of the cars worked out pretty well. Even though I had a lot of quick transitions it went together really well. Even the longer clips even kept everything good. I was able to just get everything to go together and even though it may not be the greatest video, everything flowed really well .

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