Red Lights Tiesto Music Video

Most music videos i watch have one common theme. the music video is during a party. Since i am really in to electric dance music and live at my fraternities party house, i chose to make a music video during a party with one of my favorite songs: Red Lights by Tiesto. for the music video i wanted to make sure i took some well angled shots and not just footage of a party. the most important thing about the music video was that i wanted to take well over 10 minutes of footage and cut it down the song. The hardest part about taking the video was the lighting at night. I had some very good ideas for some footage but i wasn’t able to capture it because it was too dark. Another thing i made sure i did was take footage of a different parties and not just one. it was perfect because with homecoming this past week my house had a bunch of parties where i was able to capture quality footage. i am still working on the editing and playing with the transitions a lot because i think the song i chose and the shots i have will transition smoothly.


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