Story Idea Budget

By: Jeff Coy

1.Story about the Men’s Rugby team at EIU. More background on the team, including why they are not an official EIU team.

Sources: Current Rugby club president or players, EIU athletic department, possible fans.

2. Story about EIU enrollment. Provide more details in statistics and why it is so low.

Sources: Office of admissions, Transfer admissions office, Orientation Leader students.

3. Story about the lives of foreign exchange students and how they feel about their experience at EIU/ US.

Sources: Foreign exchange student, parents of students, professors of students.

4. Story about post grad life and what the real world is like after graduating EIU.

Sources: EIU Alumni office, EIU recent alumni, senior undergrads at Eastern.

5. Story about the multiple sexual assaults on campus. Talk to officials to collect statistics and professors with knowledge on the subject.

Sources: Charleston Police, professors, students who are open about the subject.

6. Story about the University of Illinois Sigma Chi and the media attention they have recently received. Get they’re side of the story of everything.

Sources: EIU and U of I Greek office, Sigma Chi presidents and EIU and U of I. Greeks on both campuses.

7. Story about the rumors of EIU closing down in the next year for financial purposes.

Sources: (If possible) University President, students, teachers, student government.

8. Story about the residents of Charleston Illinois and what it’s like to live in a college town.

Sources: Charleston residents, business owners, Charleston high school students, EIU students.

9.Story about how the decrease in enrollment affects current EIU students.

Sources: EIU students, parents of students, student organization presidents.

10. Story about the people who preach religion openly on campus at EIU. Why they are so aggressive towards students and what changes they expect to make.

Sources: Local pastors of different churches in town, the men who preach on campus, EIU students (both religious and non-religious), persuasion professors, and religion professors.


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