Video Story Pitches:

  1. The New Logo: A behind the scenes video interviewing those responsible for designing Eastern’s new logo
    1. Sources: Athletic Director, Bob Martin, student representative
  2. Brother Jeb: interview local church members and Brother Jeb about his demonstrations
    1. Sources: Brother Jeb, opposing ministers, supporting ministers
  3. Men’s Soccer: team reactions to 7 game losing streak
    1. Sources: coaches, team captain, players
  4. Zumbathon: Halloween fundraiser for Child’s Advocacy Center
    1. Sources: CAC officials, Chi Sigma Iota staff, event organizers
  5. Torchlight Halloween Hike: pumpkin carving contest, storytelling in the Lincoln/Sargent Cabins.
    1. Sources: staff storytellers, carving judges, pumpkin carvers
  6. Observatory: James Conwell’s final semester as professor, running the open house for the observatory
    1. Sources: James Conwell, chair of physics department, other professors
  7. Campus crimes: interview adminstrators and police about recent string of robberies and assaults on campus
    1. Sources: university police officers, Dan Nadler, Charleston police department representatives
  8. Nepal: In May, interview Nepalese students one year following earthquake
    1. Sources: Nepalese students who were here last year, new Nepalese students, ISS director Kevin Vicker
  9. The Language Company: interview instructors of and students in TLC’s intensive English courses.
    1. Sources: TLC students, Director Chuck Asche, TLC instructors/advisors in Thomas Hall.
  10. Class of 1965: interview members of the Class of 1965 for their 50th anniversary
    1. Sources: returning alumni, event organizers, Alumni board.

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