10 Ideas

  1. EIU Homecoming Parade- take shots of the parade during homecoming and talk to different floats that are a part of the parade.
  2. EIU Football Game- Take shots of the football game and maybe talk to coaches or players, and even fans.
  3. EIU Coronation- Shots of the representatives for each greek house and residence hall.
  4. EIU Yell like hell- take video of the performances of each greek house in a competition for homecoming.
  5. Tour of EIU-  Take shots of historical figures or objects that represent EIU
  6. Charleston HS Football game- take shots of the CHS football game and talk to parents and staff
  7. EIU Tugs- take shots of eastern’s greek week competition and talk to both teams
  8. EIU Basketball game- take videos of the basketball game and talk to fans, coaches, and players.
  9. EIU Airband- take video of a competition in greek week. talk to each team.
  10. EIU Volleyball game- take shots of the volleyball game and talk to coaches and players

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