Talkin’ Audio

big tenPart 1

  • Natural sound – The sound of the football team practicing in the background.
  • Narration – The women that is covering the story in North Dakota.
  • Interview – Talking to the wide receiver on the team.

Part 2

This podcast started off with the host introducing his show and himself then he introduced the person he was interviewing along with the topic of discussion. Then the rest of the podcast is split into segments and it is a bunch of different interviews involving current and former players from Michigan. There is no music in this podcast.

Part 3

If I had to create my own personal podcast for Big Ten Football, I’d start it off with a music introduction. The introduction would state the name of my podcast, which would be called Big Ten Weekly. I would usually feature an interview with the player of the week or with a coach that is coming off of a big win. Other things I would feature would be in game sounds from the marching band and student sections. Other than those features, it would just be me and one other person discussing the weekends football games.


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