Right now it looks like everything is going in Patrick Kane’s favor. Things really hit the fan when the Hawks allowed him to go to training camp, and have full participation. But just last week it came out that there was no Kaner DNA found in the rape kit, just a mixture of other guy’s. As if the case wasn’t crazy enough a “rape kit” was supposedly dropped off on the mothers doorstep. To make things crazier, the Eerie Police Dept. came out and send they have the original rape kit and it was in the original packaging and on its way into the right people’s hands.

The accuser’s lawyer quit the next day because he did not believe the story that was being told to him and that he had he also had a hard time of believing the entire story. Regarding the rape kit, the mother came out and said that it was all a hoax and she made it up. She probably won’t get charged because she was not under oath.

Another thing that makes it look good for Kaner is that the girl and her witness no longer want to testify and will just let the investigation play out. Now that just kind of says that Kane didn’t do anything wrong, but we still have to hold off on judgement because none of us were with him the night of the accused raping.

Patrick Kane has been playing in the Hawk’s preseason games and is already playing like the Kaner we all know and love. He has also received warm welcomes everytime he has stepped on the ice. Blackhawks fans are at ease right now knowing that things may all be over very soon. Especially now that the girls are not willing to testify. They no longer have a lawyer or a story to really go off.



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