Different Sounds For Podcasts

Part 1

NPR usually has some interesting topics for stories to hear about. The audio story I chose was Why Nonstop Travel In Personal Pods Has Yet To Take Off. This audio story included 3 different types of audio: natural sound (which is the background sound during the story), narration (voice overs), and music. This was about how these travel pod are not able to take off yet because there are not enough of them in the world yet. It also goes onto explain how they work, but still need help on perfecting them. Although these things are a great idea, its still too early to tell. People have to step up to the plate in buying them, but are coming up with other ways to move around with them.

Here is the link to the podcast: NPR Podcast

Part 2

The podcast that I discovered and thought would be very useful is How to Eat Healthy When Traveling by The Nutrition Diva’s Quick and Dirty Tips for Eating. The podcast started off with classical music then fades in to the diva herself introducing the show and who she is. She does not waste any time, and jumps right into the question one of her fans asks her. Her fan gives her some background on why she asks the question in the first place. Before she answers the question, she gives some information about an other app that she happens to be on. Then the Diva proceeds to explain her answers on eating healthy. She sounds confident when answering the question, and gives examples on how the fan can eat healthy while traveling. Not to mention, shes counting off the tips so its easier to understand which tip is which. Through out the podcast, she also gives out some information about apps that can help organize someones eating habits along with a book. The Diva gives out websites as well which are located in her about part of the podcast. As she concludes the podcast, she thanks audience for joining her, gives out information to audience so they can ask her questions, and she gives Facebook page information. Then music fades in, an and the podcasts ends.

Here is the link for the show

Nutrition Diva Podcast

Part 3

If I were to have my own podcast, it would be about traveling itself. I would include questions from audiences and answer them. I would then find interesting people who have traveled different places and interview them on their experiences. Somehow I would allow the audience to ask questions to the my guest. Through out my podcast, there will be music for effect and so it wouldn’t sound boring. The title would be “So Many Places, and So Much Time”. Of course I would include hacks, tips, interviews, links, and playlist for the audiences travels. It wouldn’t be too long, maybe about 20-30 minutes. It would be jam packed with info and entertainment. And each podcast would include a different place each time I aired.


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