Baked Goods Podcast

I wasn’t able to find a podcast dedicated soley to my topic, however I did find an NPR segment on my topic. The segment ran about 4 minutes long and was reported by Luke Runyon (sp) who visted a medical and recreational marijuana dispensary  in Fort Collins Colorado. There he interviewed a “budtender” who schooled him on edibles at this point of the interview you can hear the ambient sounds of the shop with all the people talking in the background as well as Runyon’s interview with the bud tender. and several different government officials take on edibles from keeping away from kids to labeling dosages correctly. There is also music at the end.

If I were to start my own podcast I would call it “Baked Goods” I would explore the world of edible cannabis consumption and  see how what other avenues edible cannabis can go to despite being a recreational drug choice, edible cannabis is also good for pain relief. I would have  a podcast with numerous guests, some of medical variety and maybe some guest stars.  I would like to take it to places where they do have dispensaries, Colorado, California, Washington state etc and talk to patients who are buying and interview them on how it helps. I would also like to debut recipes and film a chef in the process of cooking, also adding a great visual aspect to the show.  Who doesn’t love to cook? What’s better than food that makes you want to laugh and eat more food?? Everybody wins!


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