Audio Types in Podcasts

Part 1: 20 Questions Podcast. Host: Josh H. Scott, JHS Pedals
Guest: Tim Marcus. Episode 1.


The podcast that I chose is 24 minutes long. The whole podcast is revolved around asking the guest 20 questions. In this episode he asked 20 questions involving his job, his personal life, what is loves to eat and many more random questions that do not really relate to each other. The three types of audio used in this podcast are music, actualities, and narration. The music is playing in the beginning of this podcast while Josh is introducing himself and the guest. There is also music played during the podcast since it is a podcast about music. The second use of audio that he uses is actualities. The entire podcast is an interview. It is not a traditional style interview but it is 20 questions and the interviewer and host talked back and forth the whole time. The last audio type used in this podcast was narration. When the host was not interviewing, he was a voice over in the podcast. He was either talking or explaining something but it was one sided. I enjoyed the audio uses in this podcast because they were appropriate for the subject matter.

Part 2: Makeup Artist Beauty Podcast with Anne Kibler. Episode 4


This podcast about makeup is very informative. It is 25 minutes long and strictly audio. However, the host Anne put the audio podcast online with photos showing what she is talking about in the podcast. I actually listened to all of her podcasts because I did like what she had to say. Her podcasts ranged from 15 minutes to an hour. I think that is the ideal time for a makeup podcast because it is a subject where you want to get straight to the point but example many things. If it was too lengthy, I do not think people would listen so I like her podcasts because they are short enough to keep me engaged. This podcast uses two types of audio sounds. The introduction to her podcast is a man who uses a radio voice and talks about who she is and where she’s from. The first type of audio that is used is music. We hear music playing right from the beginning of the podcast like a jingle. The second audio sound we heard was narration. The entire podcast is a voice over of the host Anne Kibler. She did not interview anyone, the whole podcast is her thoughts and ideas on the subject.

Part 3: If I were to have my own podcast I would use three types of sound in it. I think utilizing sound in a podcast is crucial.I would probably have a jingle in the beginning to introduce the show that had catchy music in it. Then I would have narration throughout the entire podcast because it would involve makeup tips and tricks and the only way to get that across is to talk about them. My voice over would be the entire time and I think that would be beneficial because then I would be able to explain step by step the things I am talking about. The third audio type I would incorporate are interviews. I would love to have guests on my podcast to either help me with products or have someone do my makeup or vise versa. I think interaction with another person would give my podcast more personally. I would make video podcasts from time to time as well. I would do this because it is equally as important to see the things I am talking about then just hearing them. If I am talking about a makeup product or how to apply it to your face, I know viewers would want to see it happening then try to imagine it.

Ideally, I would want my podcast to range from 30 minutes to 45 minutes.
I would name my podcast Makeup 411 with Sara.

I would talk about everything I know about makeup on this podcast. I would talk about different products, how to apply them, where to buy them, different tips and tricks. I would also talk about who are the best people to watch (professionally) and anything you can think of. I would organize my podcasts by episodes. Each podcast would be a different episode talking about one subject. I would not spend 30 minutes rambling on about different things. Each episode would be focused on a certain subject and whatever that subject is would effect how I would do the podcast, meaning strictly audio or a video podcast.

I think the unique thing about my podcast would be that I would transfer the podcast over to my website/channel. It would be accessible anytime anywhere. People can listen to it or read it with pictures.


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