Audio Assignment

  1. Music     2.Interview   3.Natural Sound.
  1. Reporter Dave Raymond and Jennifer Langosch together combined their insights from different angles about cardinals issues. They talked about many things from passed series’, clinching a post-season spot and just player roles going forward. This was mainly an interview from MLB reporter Dave Raymond talking to Cardinals reporter Jennifer Langosch.
  1. If I were to create a podcast I would start by introducing the things that I would like to talk about including the people I have set up for an interview. After that I would start with an interview with whoever is related to my topic. I would probably keep my podcasts under 30 minutes because I feel like I can talk about enough and have time for my own input. I think having a podcasts longer then 30 minutes can be too much to talk about, whereas I can have many different podcast episodes. I would set up a podcast related to sports. I can talk about any sport and any significant sports issues in general.

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