Audio/Podcast assignment

Part One

Audio Story: Mia Birdsong: The story we tell about poverty isn’t true


Three types of audio used

  • Natural Sound: The story was live audio so you hear the speaker, as well as the audience. You can hear the claps of the audience, their responses to what they feel about what the speaker is saying, as well as what the speakers does.
  • Actualities: Since this is a live broadcast, you hear people introducing her. You also hear her raw voice. Nothing was edited and nothing was cut off. Everything she said was straight from her at that point of time and it was in the moment.
  • Music: While introducing her and during her exit there was music during the full broadcast.

This story is about poverty and how it differs from person to person. Mia songbird suggest that we change the way we look at poverty. Seeing that we all have different perspectives on life, we need to see poverty on what it really is. She suggest that we give people who are improvised a chance instead of counting them out.

Part 2

Topic: Poverty

Podcast name: The Poverty Podcast

Podcast Link:

This podcast is kind of different when compared to other podcast. It is different material combined into one podcast. There are different debates on the different aspects of poverty. They debate about agriculture, economic growth, and government. Different people with their different opinions argue about what they feel is right.

Part 3

If I would create a podcast it would be something like I would want my future television show to be like. Every week there would be a new topic that is going on in the urban world that affects us. The topics would range from feminism, to politics, to education, and even more serious topics and personal topics.

The name of my podcast would be Weekly Talks with Torri.

It would be 30mins to an hour in length.

The beginning of the show would be reflecting on last week’s episode, then getting into the topic of the week. It would feature different people and we would just discuss the topic at hand. We would have a big discussion on the topic of the week. It would be very organized. There would be rules to the discussion, like not cutting someone off, having an open mind and being accepting of others opinions.


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