Talking Audio – On Wisconsin

Part 1

The story featured on the radio show “This American Life” on Sept. 13, 2013 is titled “How I Got into College.” This specific show is about the ridiculous things that some people do to get into college.  The things included are parents calling admissions offices pretending to be their teenage kids and finding out if they got in or asking many questions about the applications.  Another thing kids do is that when they apply to college they write essays for many schools.  Many schools have the same essay topic, and the kids do not change school name in the essays.  Another thing is a mother called MIT for her second grade son calling to ask for advice on applying for the future.  Another part of the show is how Emir Kamenica, a Bosnian refugee, got into college.  It begins with Emir getting help from a teacher named Ms. Ames who got him into private school which eventually got him into college. Emir did not ever speak with her again, and show described finding her and the two meeting after two decades. The three types of sound that are present on the radio show are Actualities, Narration and Music.  One of the first thing in the podcast is narration.  Host Ira Glass begins by explaining what the show will be about.  He does this by asking questions about what schools look at when they accept students into universities.  Right after the interview, music appears as transition from the narration to the first interview.  The music is used as a transition from the intro to dive right into the story.  The third type of sound that appears is actualities.  An interview that Glass had was with Rick Clark, director of undergraduate admissions at Georgia Tech.

Part 2

The podcast I found is titled “Buckaround.” It is a fan-run podcast that discusses Wisconsin Badgers football.  I listened to the beginning of a few episodes, and they all began the same way. It begins with a conversation between the two hosts, Richard Branch and Maxwell Brusky.  The conversation then leads into a narration of someone saying the title of the show and giving a short description of what the show is.  From there, the actual show starts. The show has the hosts giving anecdotes at the beginning that leads into the actual topics of the podcast.  Podcasts vary from each release, but the overall thing they discuss is previewing games and recapping games.  The episode I listened to, episode 100 of the podcast, by discussed the other team, Hawaii, in depth, injury reports and things occurring with Badgers.  The discussion of the other team leads into what the Badgers should do with that team.  The podcast ended with a discussion of things occurring in the Big 10 conference which is also something they do in other episodes.  The length of the podcast varies but it usually runs from about 45 minutes to one hour.  It ends with one host telling people to subscribe to the podcast, follow on twitter and like on Facebook.  It is fan-run podcast of two people talking Badgers football with a little bit of talk about the Big 10.

Part 3

If I ran my own podcast about my topic, Wisconsin Badgers football, it would be an audio podcast, and it would be titled “On Wisconsin.”  The way I would organize it, I would have to borrow a few things from the “Buckaround” podcast.  This is because it would be difficult to have a Badgers podcast without previewing games, giving recap and discussing any news about the team.  That is something that is just required to be in the podcast.  I would start the podcast up differently.  The way it would is that I would give a short intro about what the podcast is, and from there, go straight into discussing things going on in the Big 10 conference.  From there I would preview/recap the game, depending if it is before or after, and talk all things Wisconsin football.  Stats, injuries, major plays, etc. One thing I would add to my podcast is guest speakers.  I would want to invite reporters who cover the team to add more discussion to the conversation.  This would give better perspective and add more conversation on something as opposed to having the same host talk and possibly give the same thoughts again-and-again.  The way I would do the final part of the show is by answering questions submitted by listeners.  I would want to get listeners involved in the project to attract more people to listen to it.  I think this would make it more enjoyable as well.  To finish it all off, I would tell people to subscribe to the podcast and share it before closing with the song “Jump Around” by House of Pain, used with permission of course.  This podcast would have a running time of about 60 minutes.  The podcast would feature music, actualities and narration for different types of sound.


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