Injuries, the Name of the Game

The St. Louis Cardinals continue to push through injuries, no different from what they have done all season long. The injured players from this year are almost healthy and ready to return. Matt Holliday, Matt Adams, and Trevor Rosenthal all returned recently and are looking great.

The problem is the slow and painful skid that the Cards have been going through for the past two weeks. The Cardinals were by far the best team in baseball all season long. The reason for that was because they hadn’t come across any sort of losing streak at all. Historically, every team hits a point in team during the season in which they lose multiple games in a row, and play poor baseball all around. Baseball finally caught up to the Cardinals and they showed how imperfect of a team they really are. The losing skid put both the division rivals Pirates and Cubs within a reachable distance in the standings.

The past weekend series between the Cardinals and Cubs, was a series to remember. It was just like old time baseball. The top players from each team were being thrown at, the runs were easier to come by than a typical game. The ball seemed to be carrying out of the park much easier than usual. It was the perfect recipe for a great series. Unfortunately, the Cardinals dropped two of the three games.

Hopefully, the Cardinals will work out every little kink they have before October comes around, when every pitch and run truly counts.

  • | Steven Kinnison  |

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