My Life Described With Pictures

Photographs mean a lot to me. I’m a photographer. Furthermore, picture that actually have an impact on my life mean a lot to me. I take pictures for hours a week and I take a lot of pride in the pictures that I take. There are several different pictures on the internet that I could have chosen to write about how much they mean to me and have impacted my life. I decided these two photos, because I felt as if they are the most important to me, and show a little bit about who I am as a person.

The first photo is my high school hockey team after we won the state semi-final game. This game meant the world to me, just like hockey still does mean the world to me. I scored the game winning  goal in overtime to send us to the state championship. It was the single greatest moment of my four years of high school.

Hockey still means a lot to me for I am the president of the club team here at Eastern, and it still takes over a large majority of my life.

The following photo is of Ferguson, Missouri. This “Season’s Greetings” sign is right outside of City Hall, and where most of the TV coverage was from that bad night following the decision about officer Darren Wilson killing Mike Brown. I live only about two and a half miles from this and I drive through it all of the time. My family eats right next to that City Hall all of the time, and seeing that town destroyed was very hard for my entire family, and all of our friends and community.

Photo by Flickr user Mike Tigas.
Photo by Flickr user Mike Tigas.

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