Pictures With Meaning

When I had to choose two pictures that have had an impact on my life I immediately thought of sports. Sports have been something that I’ve followed my whole life so there are a lot of emotions when it comes to wins and losses. For my featured picture I put Jim Harbaugh. Less than a year ago he was named the new head coach of the University of Michigan, a team that I’ve be following my whole life. The former quarterback of the Wolverines has left every previous team he has coached as a winner and that has left a lot of expectations and hope for the huge fan base. Harbaugh means the return of Michigan football and I could not be more excited for that.

Screen Shot 2015-09-15 at 9.23.33 PM

My second picture is the White Sox celebrating after winning the 2005 World Series against the Astros. This pictures means a lot to me because I have been a sox fan my whole life and I was at one of their playoff games that year. So many crazy events happened in those playoffs and they only lost one game so it was pretty sweet to watch. Also, the fact that cubs fans have been sitting around for so long dying for this made it a whole lot better. I can’t believe it has already been ten years since this happened.


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