Meaningful Photos

Photo by Robert Deutsch of USA Today Sports

Wisconsin Badgers basketball is my second favorite team to follow right behind the Chicago Cubs.  I have been following the team since my early middle school days, and Wisconsin was a school that I always loved.  In 2014, the Badgers reached the Final Four for the first since 2000, and I remember being on State Street celebrating with my fellow Badger fans back in my Wisconsin days.  We were all convinced this would be the year Wisconsin brings a national championship to Madison.  They lost to Kentucky the next weekend after a last-second three.  It was rough watching that shot going in.  Wisconsin made the Final Four again in 2015 with a rematch against undefeated Kentucky.  Kentucky was projected to win, but in a highly contested match and great played game, Wisconsin was able to take down Kentucky to advance to the National Championship game; the first in over 70 years.  The Badgers’ slogan for 2015 was “Make ‘Em Believe,” and it was proven that day.  The emotion shown by the Badgers is just how every Badgers fan felt.  It is great feeling being the underdog in a match and coming out on top.  They ended up losing the championship game, but Wisconsin did make people believe with an incredible season.

Image 2:

Photo by Flickr user by Roman Boed. Used with permission by Creative Commons.
Photo by Flickr user by Roman Boed. Used with permission by Creative Commons.

It is not the exact photo that means something to me, but it is the city skyline, and this photo is able to capture it perfectly.  It is the skyline of one of the greatest cities in the world, Chicago.  It is where I hope to be living and working in the future after I finish all my schooling.  The city has so much to offer, and it is a city on the lake.  It is the city where I hope my career takes me.


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