Meaningful photos

The Chicago Blackhawks are my favorite sport team and I obsess over watching them. I’ve watched them most of my life and I can say I am not one of those “bandwagoners” that people tend to call Hawks fans. But since 2010 I have been able to see the Hawks win three Stanley Cups. That really does make an impact on my life because I love the Hawks so much and it’s pretty much what I live for. It is also special because some sports fans will never see their favorite team win the championship. I have seen the Hawks win three out of the last six so that is pretty incredible. Also, the Hawks have a shot at winning each year. Sometimes I’ll go back and watch replays of them win it all. That is why this photo is so special to me.

Image 2:


PHOTO BY FLIKR USER VIWAT S. Used with Permission by Creative Commons

I chose this picture of Chicago because I live only 45 min away from there so it is home to me. I have spent so much time down there. It is just the greatest city on the planet, plain and simple. You have the Bean at Millennium Park, the Sears Tower (no one calls it the Willis Tower) unless you’re not from here. Also just the history of sports there makes it so special. You have the Cubs, Sox, Bears, Bulls, Hawks, all with great history. Everytime I drive into the city or drive past it, I always snap a picture of the skyline. I don’t know if theres any other city where people do that. It gives you a great feeling when you drive in on the Dan Ryan Expressway coming into the city when you see that skyline.


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