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The past week has seen developments in the Patrick Kane situation. All of the sports reporters in Chicago have been putting out the latest details on Kaner, and they also retweet each other to get all the stories out to the public. The main guy giving out the information is Mark Lazerus of the Chicago Sun-Times. Lazerus is the beat reporter for the Hawks for the Sun-Times and has been giving up to date information about Kane’s future with the Hawks, and for his life really.

The latest breaking news that he has delivered was that the friend of the girl accusing Kane of rape was supposed to appear before a grand jury but was “abruptly” postponed. “The Buffalo News report suggested that a settlement could be in the works for Kane and the alleged victim, but the Sun-Times’ source could not confirm that.” Lazerus also wrote that it is still unclear and has not been stated if Kane will appear at Blackhawks’ training camp which is supposed to start next Friday.

Lazerus wanted to make it clear that settlement talks can mean a few different things. For one, it doesn’t mean Kane is guilty. Second, it doesn’t mean that he is going to pay her off. Third, it still doesn’t mean Kane is innocent. But fans take to twitter to give out their “expert” knowledge on the subject where he tweeted, “Another development in the Kane story, another round of vitriolic, misogynistic, bile spewed on Twitter. I can’t wait for this story to end.” Everyone in the media has said to reserve judgement until everything is known, but that has not happened.

Lazerus has also been retweeting Buffalo News reporters because that is where the alleged rape took place. Those reporters have the access to law enforcement and everyone else who can have an affect on Kane’s career and life. The Buffalo News reported that there were the settlement talks but a man from NBC reported that there are no settlement talks from either side’s attorney. That’s why having two different sources to read from is good, you can get different information and it lets you think about more stuff that is going on with the Blackhawks star.

Reporter, Chris Kuc has also been doing the same thing as Lazerus. But even though they are delivering the same information, Kuc retweeted something that Lazerus did not. He retweeted a tweet from Jared Hopkins, an investigative reporter for the Chicago Tribune that was a link to an interview with Kane’s agent saying that Kane is innocent and has always been honest with him. Now that is something you’d expect him to say but once again it gets you thinking about the bigger picture of the whole situation.

As the days go by, more information will be released. Will this go before a grand jury? Will there be a settlement? Will Kane go to camp? Will he get charged? All of this is unknown but this could all be over very soon, good or bad for Hawks fans.


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