What I Learned About Drugs On Twitter.

Peace and Happiness to all! Today marks one week with with a new professional twitter and blog.  Using twitter in my everyday life has without a doubt stalled a bit.  I may check twitter every once in a while depending on how bored I get. Although, I must say that my new twitter account is very interesting. Having an account solely dedicated to anything and everything marijuana related is interesting to say the least because 15 or 20 years ago this wouldn’t be as socially acceptable. When you think about it weed is everywhere these days!  Its on the television, people are talking about it all over the internet, updates about the laws, and new studies that show how cannabis is changing medicine. Everyday there is something new to be learned about this plant that grows wild and has been here before there was a country to outlaw its use. Twitter accounts like High Times, and NORML, are constantly blowing up my TL with new information, new developments.

For years people have spoke of the good that marijuana can do for people, especially the sick.  Marijuana has long been thought of as the  “cure for cancer”  well now we know that isn’t particularly true, we do know that cannabis is to the cancer patient what cough medicine is to someone with a a common cold, it doesn’t stop the viral disease it can pacify the symptoms in the case of cancer patients it can revive the appetite and also work as a pain reliever, this has been talked about for years and years and is always a go-to for any Pro-Cannabis supporter. If this plant can make one of the most painful, draining, disease possible to live with why shouldn’t it be legal for all to consume?

Recently, a 65 year old Vietnam war veteran from Kansas who has been diagnosed with Stage 4 cancer went into the VA to get his regular prescription for pain medication filled, by the way, the poor guy take 10-15 pills a day however he was denied it when he readily admitted to being a marijuana user. The man, by the the name of Gary Dixon has said that this has only recently become an issue, because he has been a regular marijuana user since 1972 and also states that  while fighting overseas was exposed to the deadly pesticide Agent Orange. Dixon uses marijuana not only to cope with his physical pains, but emotional pains as well.

Even if Dixon was to stop smoking he may not even get his prescription back!  Without the VA help he would still have to cover the $400 cost of his REGULARLY prescribed pain meds that he NEEDS.

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