Torri’s Views from Twitter

Recently I’ve been scoping out twitter and the feminist pages that I’ve followed just to get a feel for what they were about and what was up.

The pages I followed were

















My experience with the following users is going great so far. The one that stands out the most to me at the moment would be @PixelProject. This account is so helpful for women all around the world who are dealing with domestic violence and who needs the resources to find help. It gives women who are in that situation strength and motivation to find the help that they need and deserve. Another one of my favorite pages is @PPact. @PPact is the Planned Parenthood Action Fund. This is a great account because so many people have misconceptions of the Planned Parenthood business and with these negative connotations comes judgement to the very people who are just giving women young and old the right to exercise their rights. This account frequently tweets what others are saying about PP and debunks their claims with facts.

@jljacobson’s twitter account is her tweeting personally and from a feminist view point. I really enjoy reading her tweets because I get a feel of who she is dealing with so many topics. @TheGlobalFeminist has a great bio in twitter, so I knew from the beginning that they would have an awesome page. The account states “We are one. We are many. Feminism is about building a world that is just, equitable, and sustainable for anyone.

I follow and enjoy ALL of the accounts, these are the ones that stand out the most to me at the moment. I will be back to review the other pages in great detail as well. One thing that all of these pages have in common is the fact that they all empower women.  They empower women in many different ways and shine light to issues and topics that are often overlooked as well. I look forward to enjoying more of you ladies/men tweets!

Torri Griffith

Twitter: @tlgriffith19


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