The Problem with feminism and Disney Channel Princesses

As we all know, Disney Channel is filled with beautiful princesses with beautiful hair and beautiful gowns. As little girls these women were who we aspired to be. We wanted to look like them, dress like them, we had all of their movies, and we even had games that were based off of these “women”. But what we failed to realize at this time was that these were not women that we should have aspired to be. In fact, these were not real women at all, and as I look back and realize that if our parents would have been more educated on the topic of feminism our idealization of these princesses would be nonexistent.

Disney Princesses had a few things in common: they were beautiful, they were submissive, some of them paid little attention to knowledge, and most importantly they waited on a man to save them. Which is something that we should never want our daughters to be.

So lets give a run down on a few of the Disney Princesses the stupid qualities they possessed.


Cinderella is a young woman who is dealing with the death of her mother, and living with her father who remarries soon after. When her father remarries, she is stuck in the house not only taking care of her father, but after her evil stepmother and her stepsisters instead. The main problem with what I just stated is THE FACT THAT SHE IS WORKING AND TAKING CARE OF HER FATHER. As a man, he was supposed to work and take care of her. Not the opposite. Cinderella was submissive to her father and he should have done anything to protect her after mother passed away. Cinderella does have goals, dreams and aspirations, but she never has a chance to accomplish them because she is always locked away. But instead of working hard to get out of her situation, she waited on a man to find her to do so. Her only happiness in life came from her “Prince Charming”. Which is not an ideal role model for growing girls in the world.


Basically all Ariel dreams of is being a human. She wants nothing more but to talk and walk and breathe above water like the rest of civilization. She doesn’t really realize how much of a beautiful creature she is, she just wants more because in my opinion she was kind of ungrateful.  Although her father bans her from the human world, ariel takes it upon herself to leave the sea and go anyway. Ariel was then placed in the position of sacrificing. She would have to chose her family, or her being a human. Of course she chose being human over her father and sisters. Ariel then becomes human, loses her mermaid physique, loses her voice, and gets a man. I don’t think I need to state what the problem is with her because it it think its pretty plain and clear.

Sleeping Beauty

Sleeping Beauty has to be the worst out of the Princesses because honestly, what does she have to offer? She has no knowledge and she is very gullible. She believes any and everything, which is how she got herself in the situation she was in. When the spell was cast on her she spent 90% of the movie sleeping. She literally did nothing but talk to animals and SLEEP. Why would we ever want our daughters to want to be anything like this. She did not wake up until a man kissed her. Meaning that she had no purpose until a man came around and made her worth something. Now I rest my case with the Princess Sleeping Beauty.

Disney is not a bad entertainment company. I personally do not believe that they meant for their movies to come across the way that many feminist viewed it. With that, Disney has made many efforts to up the submissiveness and the dumbness of their characters with princesses like Tiana, Pocahontas, and some might even say Belle. They really stepped their game up when Queen Elsa and her sister Ana was introduced to us in 2013. After this, I had hope that disney would make more empowering characters.

That is all on my views on Disney Channel and feminism. I hope whoever reads this leaves feedback and comment what you think is right or wrong about my post.

See you next time

  • Torri Griffith
  • Twitter: @tlgriffith19

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