“Show your papers” is Legal

Reuters Legal tweeted an article they wrote yesterday about a federal judge’s decision of upholding a part of Arizona’s so called “show your papers” law. The law was questioned in court of whether or not to be discriminatory against Hispanics. U.S. District Court Judge, Susan Bolton’s decision Friday, September 4 2015 was the one of the last issues gone over regarding the immigration law passed in 2010. This particular section of the law allows police officers to check the immigration status of anyone lawfully seized. The Judge ruled that the immigration rights activists failed to show police would enforce this law on Hispanics differently then others. In the past, this has caused many police officers filing lawsuits against the state claiming they are required to enforce a law that may cause liability on themselves for people feeling they are being racially profiled.

I’ve looked into a few different articles concerning this controversial issue. This law has been said to be one of the toughest immigration law to be passed in the United States. Many states adopted similar laws requiring law enforcement to check the immigration status of citizen upon probable cause. These states include Alabama, Georgia, Indiana, South Carolina and Utah. There have been many attempts to appeal such laws by immigration rights activists, on claims the law is unconstitutional under the fourth amendment. There have also been other issues brought up with this law, such as situations where immigrants may have information on criminal activity but are not willing to notify law enforcement.


US News

American Civil Liberties Union



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Daily Mail.com


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