NL Central inching closer to finish

The cardinals have hit a huge cold streak entering into September losing their last three games and going only 5-5 in the last ten. Thats not the worst part. The cardinals have already lost this series with Chicago as they try avoid a costly sweep, and they lost the previous series 1-2 against the pirates. just about a week ago the cardinals were about 10 games ahead of the Chicago cubs in third place. Now the second place pirates are only 4.5 games out and the cubs are 6.5 out. All three teams still have one last series against each other so it might come down to the wire, so it might come down to one of those series that determines the division winner. Cardinals manager made a bold move by sitting Micael Wacha in his last scheduled start so he can begin to limit the number of innings he pitches. That did not work well for his next start. I was at the game last night and Wacha was coming off of ten days of rest which doesn’t happen for any pitcher all season long if they stay healthy and sure enough the red hot cubs got ahold of him early. The Cardinals need to win the division before they start resting their star pitchers, or limit the amount of innings they pitch in the game rather than just a healthy scratch. 

Just in a couple of minutes the cardinals look to avoid the sweep at home with Carlos Martinez on the mound for the cards, and Jon Lester for the cubs.


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