My Twitter Observations

When I first created a twitter account strictly to explore the world of makeup, I knew I wanted to follow as many people in the industry that would benefit me as I could. I am a frequent Twitter user so I typically check my twitter feed around 10 times a day. Probably too many, but that is how our society works nowadays, where people, especially young people are always on their phones looking at social media. I do think social media is very important in the business world. It is a fast, organized, and easily accessible way to communicate information, which is why I love getting my information from social media sources like Twitter.

Everyday when I am reading people’s tweets and going to links about blogs and video channels that they post, I get more exposed to other people in the same field. One great thing I learned fast about Twitter is the ‘People you may know’ feature that pops up every time you follow someone. The recommended person is always going to be related to the type of people you already follow so it’s very beneficial to look at that. Using hashtags that relate to my topic also helped me find followers. Overall, I am finding new makeup artists and brands that I like that I follow every day. My following of people will continue to grow throughout this class. But currently, I follow 16 accounts on Twitter. They are, `

Jaclyn Hill, Sephora, Ulta Beauty, MACcosmetics, Mario Dedivanovic, MAKE UP FOR EVER, Marlena, Sigma Beauty, jOYCE BONELLi, Urban Decay, Benefit Cosmetics US, Smashbox Cosmetics, bareMinerals, Kat Von D Beauty,, and Cosmetics EN.

One element that I took into consideration when I chose who to follow and who not you follow was that little blue check mark next to their name. For some reason, I will trust a person more that has a check mark next to their name. I know that means it is their real account and not a fake one, but it legitimizes their tweets for me even more than usual. I also took a lot of time looking at their own following on twitter to see if they were popular or not followed very much. Everyone I follow has a very big following for themselves so I trusted them a little bit more.

I have not retweeted or favorited anybody’s tweets yet, I do plan to but this first week getting my followers, I wanted to get a feel for who tweets often, what they tweet, and if it was good substance. I only want to share good tweets like everybody else, but I guess I am picky on what is necessary to know and what isn’t as important.

Here is a link to my Twitter


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