Just A Post About Twitter

Trying to figure out a topic to write about can sometimes be difficult. But when it came to traveling, I felt like I had a good hold on writing about this topic. Along with writing a blog about traveling, I needed to find resources to present to my readers when discussing writing. Plus the internet has plenty of ideas and resources about what I can do and add to inform my readers about this topic.

The main resource that I used the most is twitter. Twitter is a social media outlet that lets anyone voice their opinion about different topics. Literally any topic. Without any problems, I was able to find accounts about traveling and even used a few hashtags.

Some of the people I follow on twitter are news outlets and other accounts about traveling. Just to name a few One World 365KLM HolidaysTravel + Leisure, and Lonely Planet. These few accounts offer some wonderful pictures of places to travel to. The pictures draw tweeters attention and make them want to click on the link to see what follows. They also have links to websites that offer good deals on traveling and where to stay. This is a key aspect in traveling because you cant just go anywhere and not have any place to stay. A lot of the accounts I follow always have links to sites that contain information about small tips and hacks. These help people understand ways they can make their travels a lot easier.

Each account has different personality’s and have different uses. They also tweet all day everyday which is helpful in keeping track with ideas to write about. I am glad I follow these accounts to help me get more wonderful ideas about what to write about..

Till I Write Again,

Meka A.B.


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