Following the @Cubs on Twitter


  • @miggymont26 – Active, Humorous, Started #WeAreGood (65.8K)
  • @jakearrieta34 – Starting Pitcher (73.5K)
  • @ARizzo44 – First-Basemen (119.1K)


  • @GDubCub – Gordon Wittenmyer, Sun-Times, Good Insights (17.5K)
  • @PWSulivan – Paul Sullivan, Chicago Tribune, Best Updates (33.5K)
  • LenKAsper –  CSN Broadcaster – (57.2K)
  • CarrieMuskat –, Most Clear and Concise  (54.5K)
  • @markgrotesports – Mark Grote, WBBM, Good Insights (7,626)
  • @ESPNChiCubs – Jesse Rogers


@Cubs – the Chicago Cubs (614.8K)

The Network of Twitter Handles that disseminate information related to the Chicago Cubs is composed of players, coaches, fans, broadcasters, sportswriters and the organization itself. By following the handles within the cubs network one can receive in-game updates, lineups, delay status and weather information, news of official player transactions, diverse commentary and humor.

Players tweet about a variety of topics… like what they had for breakfast, causes they support and what music they are listening to. Sometimes, players even let fans know what was going on inside their head at a particular moment in a game. Players respond to fan commentary or questions with varying frequency. Also, Players often use twitter to reach out to each other.

#WeAreGood is a hash-tag originated by Cubs catcher Miguel Montero, who is an active an adept user of social media.

Members of the Media who provide coverage of the Cubs use Twitter in different ways. First, each delivers updates during the game with varying frequency. Updates usually consist of “Who did What,” the score of the game, and the current on-field scenario. Often reporters will tweet when a player reaches a statistical milestone. The best game updates are usually the most professional, most humorous and most insightful. Reporters are sometimes critical of strategy.

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