Cardinals Chatroom

Talk about the Cardinals…as far as the eye can read. Whether its early in the morning or late at night, the Cardinals are the only thing that my twitter consists of. The general consensus in the last couple of days seems to be about the Cards rough stretch they have been going through, especially against the Cubs. Some writers talk about how the Cardinals are in trouble, and other writers, (such as Cardinals beat writer Derrick Goold) Talks about how its good that they get the losing out of their system. Personally, I agree with the fact that it is good to get in a losing streak before the playoffs begin.

Another hot topic has been young gun outfielder Stephen Piscotty. He has been in the league as an everyday starter for over two months now and some are still talking about him as “recently called up” or a “small sample size.” Jim Hayes is an analyst for the Cardinals’ home television station Fox Sports Midwest. He tweeted earlier, “Anyone think we’re past the “small sample size” stage with Stephen Piscotty? #The ReaLDeal #STLCards.”

Bernie Miklasz, (previous Cards beat writer) is possibly the greatest person to follow when wanted to know about what is happening with the Cardinals. He gets his followers to think. He asks rhetorical questions. He tweeted asking if the losses from the Cardinals recently are making Card’s fans nervous. He provided a link with that tweet to a story that stated why Card’s fans should not be nervous at all. Overall, he is a very quantitative and qualitative tweeter when it comes to the Cardinals.

The St. Louis Cardinals Twitter is great to follow because it provides a lot of play by play action, especially late in the games.

Rene Knott is the sports anchor for KSDK News in St. Louis and his twitter provides a lot of stuff about roster moves during the days. My favorite part about his tweets, are thew raw emotion he tweets with during the games. He gets excited and tweets about things just like everyday people do.

Overall, I have learned a lot about the St. Louis Cardinals since I have began following all of these people closely. It definitely has made me more confident when talking baseball, or more importantly, the Cardinals. Thew last week, my Twitter has been essentially, a Cardinals Chatroom.

-Steven Kinnison


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