Baseballs Best Insiders

The future of this blog is going to be about the remainder of the season, postseason and off the field news for the St. Louis Cardinals. I follow some of the most well respected baseball journalists in the nation such as, Buster Olney, Jason Stark, Tim Kurkjian and Ken Rosenthal. Each of these journalists can give you the most up to date news on teams, injuries, whatever it is these guys will be the first to know. Since I will be talking about the Cardinal for the rest of the season, I follow the official STL Cardinals account. i also follow Derek Goold who is a cardinals beat writer. He is verified by twitter and has over 68.2 thousand followers. He tweets just about anything related to game, and sometimes tweets things that are not news worthy, but yet they are still interesting if you are cards fan. some of the tweets i like most are when e adds some interesting statistic about some of the cardinals players. i usually will usually go to Buster Olney’s account or Tim Kurkjian for league related news because they normally tweet information about the entire league rather then just the cardinals. I pay more attention to Derek Goold’s account because when the cardinals are playing he will tweet just about play by play coverage of the game. Ken Rosenthal is a very resourceful person to go to for trade rumors, injuries, player issues and just about anything related to the league.


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