My Twitter Experience

By: Jeff Coy

Picture by: Andreas Eldh (eldh) on flickr

So far, my new experience on Twitter has been interesting. I haven’t used the site in years because I would get annoyed checking both my Facebook and Twitter accounts. I wanted to commit to one source of social media if they were to share the same purpose. I also struggled learning how to use Twitter, which is pretty embarrassing to admit. This is a great opportunity to learn more about using Twitter though my multimedia journalism class and keeping up to date on social media as I get closer to starting a professional career. I’ve chosen to blog about legal issues for my class topic. This is also a great way to stay in touch with current issues involving my desired profession.

I’ve subscribed to a list called Legal Reporter by Kevin O’Keefe and I follow:

The American Lawyer, Reuters Legal, Government or Yukon, Big Government, Daily Law News, Law Practice News, WSJ Law Blog, Above the Law, American Bar, ABA News, ABA Journal, Legal Week, and Legal Times.


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