Hello, My name is Sean Hastings and I am a sophomore journalism major at Eastern Illinois University. I am the Assistant Sports Editor for the Daily Eastern News and i am currently covering the volleyball team. Because of my big interest in sports, I am going to post blogs about the Chicago Blackhawks. Everything from their offseason news, and stuff during the season.


The biggest story during the offseason for the Chicago Blackhawks is the allegations against star forward Patrick Kane for raping a woman at his off season home in Hamburg, NY. The allegations are from August 2nd and have put a dark cloud over his fate with the team and the image of the Chicago Blackhawks.

This story in my mind kind of over shadows the Blackhawks’ 2015 Stanley Cup win. It is sad to think that one of the best, if not the best player in the NHL who plays for our beloved Blackhawks, may not be around with them for too much longer. Kane has been in trouble and has made some pretty bad decisions in his career. The first one being him hitting a cab driver in 2009, then the incident in Vancouver in the limo in 2010, then the Cinco De Mayo party in 2012. All of those incidents were not good, but everyone kind of got past it and took it as him being “young and dumb.” But these rape allegations are very serious on all levels.

It is important to know that Kane has not been charged with anything. But with this investigation looming at the Blackhawks training camp getting started in a couple weeks, it leaves the Blackhawks who take big pride in protecting their image with decisions to make.

In the past few days at least five teams have contacted the Hawks in making a trade for Kane. Now before this situation, everyone knew Kane would most likely spend his career in Chicago after signing a 8 year, $10.5 million contract identical to the one captain Jonathan Toews signed.

Trading Kane to some people is a must right now because of the image he is putting on the Hawks in which the Hawks feel disrespected by Kane. No one knows if the Hawks are seriously considering trading Patrick Kane, but trading Kane would be sad for most Hawks fans as he is a fan favorite and like I said one of the best players in NHL. Now, if Kane gets charged for rape, he will not be able to play anywhere. Kane at just 26 years old has made a big name for himself in Chicago winning three Stanley Cups in 6 years, winning a silver medal in the Olympics so to have him get charged would almost make everyone forget all the good he did in Chicago and become the guy who had his career cut short by one really bad decision that he made.

-Sean Hastings


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