Introduction to Occult Mysteries


My name is Liz Purcell and I am a senior journalism major at Eastern Illinois University. Journalists report the news based on factual information – the names, dates and evidence are important ingredients to the perfect story. Ironically, I am drawn to astrology, tarot cards and other occult mysteries. While the occult is in no way factual or scientific, I find these topics to be genuinely intriguing. All of the information we have on astrology or tarot cards has been passed down through historical writings and by word of mouth. Ancient Egypt and Greece believed astrology and tarot cards were spiritually significant and thousands of people all over the world continue to question the mystery of these seemingly bizarre beliefs.

It’s completely valid to disregard the occult as being ridiculous – how can a silly daily horoscope apply to literally millions of people? However, hidden underneath vague astrological forecasts and a simple deck of cards are deep spiritual lessons we can all learn from, whether you ‘believe’ or not. Tarot cards offer advice on how to improve your own life experience by balancing your mind, body and soul. The cards tell a story of the spiritual life cycle everyone experiences thousands of times – growth, stagnation, death (change) and rebirth. The cards aren’t for the psychic gypsies staring into a crystal ball anymore. Regular people with regular jobs use cards out of curiosity and even more read horoscopes for fun.

I have studied astrology and tarot cards for roughly seven years and I find some information to be extremely useful. I have no interest in proving or disproving either. I do, however, wish to share the fascinating history and powerful lessons astrology and tarot cards have to offer to everyone and anyone.

I was raised in a strict Catholic environment and it took many years to convince my mother tarot cards were not “satanic” so I understand there are many misconceptions with the occult. No, tarot cards and astrology has nothing to do with the devil. Just sit back and read about some weird stuff and have fun with it.



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