Introduction Into The Makeup World


Hi, my name is Sara Jaraczewski and I am currently a college student who is too broke to have such an expensive interest. I am going to be writing about one of my favorite things, MAKEUP! Unlike most makeup bloggers, I do not wear makeup everyday, I see no need. I am more of a behind the scene makeup lover. I know where the best places to shop are, who the best celebrity makeup artists are, whats new in the makeup world ( when new products are in stores) and most importantly some advice when purchasing certain products. My hands down ultimate favorite makeup store is Sephora so it will most likely be the most referred to store in my blog posts. I am a senior at Eastern Illinois University so that means I am graduating this spring so I will be needing to step up my makeup game before I have to start paying student loans.

One interesting and helpful thing that this company does is have on their website a advice and how to page. When you go to you can see on the navigation bar in bright red where it is. These resources are constantly being updated. I looked right now and someone posted an advise piece 47 minutes ago. The people who post on this site are either experts, Rouge/VIB Sephora which means they shop at Sephora a lot. If you are a rouge member that means that you have spent more than $1,000 in one calendar year. If you are a VIB member ( Very Important Beauty Insider ) you have spent over $350 in a calendar year. I will admit I am a Rouge member at Sephora, but it definitely has its perks. I encourage anyone who shops at this store to sign up for their points system and become a “Beauty Insider.” I would normally trust anyone who is a member because clearly they put a lot of time and money into the business, they probably know what they are talking about. The advice page is mostly posts people have written maybe to just get the word out or to answer commonly asked questions. The how to page is more video based where people post tutorials on how to apply certain makeup or just videos talking about a certain product or experience they had with the business. I take advantage of these pages on numerous occasions. It is an easy way to get fast information before buying something you aren’t entirely sure about or before you put on makeup without really knowing how to apply it. I love it and wish I had more time to learn new things that people are experiencing.

Thanks for reading!


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