Baseball will be Baseball and the Cardinals will be cARDINALS

Hi, my name is Steven Kinnison and I am a Junior at Eastern Illinois University. I am majoring in Mass Communication and minoring in Journalism. I have done photography for over five years, and  I find it to be a hobby (someday a job) that never gets boring, and always has more to learn about it. I have played hockey and baseball for the majority of my life. I am from Florissant, MO which is only about 15 minutes north of downtown St. Louis. Playing baseball and living so close to St. Louis is where my obsession with the St Louis Cardinals came from. From here on out I will be talking about the Cardinals and what a strange, but record-breaking season they are having this year.1078629_10201580949756378_1009288337_o

The Cardinals went into spring training this year with a stacked lineup and a lot of hope for the season. Their opening day lineup looked like something that could win, yet another World Series, or at least have the potential to. Baseball is what happened next.

Baseball always seems to do this weird things to teams, players, and fans. It is always the opposite of what you may think is going to happen. It is the most difficult sport to predict, because a team needs so many things to go right in order to be good for an extended period of time. I speak of baseball as if it is a person, or a spirit of some sort because of the strong characteristics that it brings to such a simple game.

The Cardinals are what fans were expecting this year. What we got were the cARDINALS. The cARDINALS are the makeshift AAA lineup that they had to put on the field this year due to the major injuries of Wainwright, Jay, Adams, Walden, Belisle, and recently Holliday. Not even to mention all of the smaller injuries that seem to keep appearing as the season goes on. All of the being said the cARDINALS have been the best team in baseball this entire season, and more impressively one of the best teams in Franchise history.

No one knows how exactly but the cARDINALS keep finding new and exciting ways to win games and separate themselves from the ever so hot Pirates and Cubs. A good example of this team are all of the everyday rookies that have carried the team:

Stephen Piscotty: First time called up and immediately become everyday player, batting .338 after almost 2 months.

Randal Grichuk: On the roster to be used as a fourth outfielder, then takes over for Jay in CF and hits almost .300 and has hit 15 HRs.

There are several different cases about the weirdness that is going on with the St. Louis cARDINALS this year. But, it has definitely been the most entertaining and exciting year for Cardinal fans in quite some time.


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